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LED floor tiles screen will bring excitement and add energy to your space. They are becoming a hot commodity with providing interactive floors and tunnels. These LED floor tiles are easy to install, they are flexible and are easy to maintain. These LED floor tiles are applicable in a variety of locations.

This is a super light and a very thin Film LED display screen which has an exceptional visual quality. This display when applied to surfaces, seamlessly combines with the surface with its adhesive and transforms it into eye catching and stunning video displays. This product is mainly used on glass surfaces.

The LED grille screen is a Vibrant display screen with a strip, hollow, and light-transmitting product form (Light bars). It is supper light weight, highly efficient, easy to install and with ip65 and ip67 waterproofing, hence suitable for both indoor and outdoor functions. Mainly used in outdoor wall, glass curtain wall, top buildings and other fields

LED Transparent screen display solutions can be fitted behind any window or glass wall to create a full-color video screen that does not obstruct the view in or out of a building. These LED Displays offer a simple, modular solution that will fit into any setting and integrate with the environment.


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Guangdong Skymcu Electronics Group Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Skymcu Electronics Group Co., Ltd. Address in Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen. Founded in 2008, the company has 65 independent intellectual property rights, 149 patented inventions, focusing on LED display product development, dedicated to transparent screen, film screen, film screen (crystal film screen), LED photoelectric glass display, LED floor tile screen, small pitch display and all kinds of customized class LED display product development, production, manufacturing, installation, construction. We provide one-stop LED display solutions for customers. With a strong technical force of the R & D team! To escort the customer’s project!


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