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Do you intend to install LED Crystal Film Screen to enhance outdoor advertising for your business but require additional information? Are you concerned about how long a billboard made with this technology will last? Today, we want to answer the following question to dispel any misunderstandings: What advantages do LED displays offer?

It's important to remember what LED Crystal Film Screen are and what they are made of before focusing on their advantages: The abbreviation Drove represents light emanating diode. The semiconductor used in the diode determines the wavelength of light it produces when current passes through it. Therefore, the kind of LED Crystal Film Screen you need will vary according to your requirements. Monochromatic diodes can be in white, red, green, blue, or RGB format. These are abbreviations for the three primary colors used in lighting: red, green, and blue.


LED crystal film screen


Process Advantages of LED Crystal Film Screen

There are 13 solder pins on a single driver chip because the IC pad in the CSP package is only 150um*150um. This makes it very hard to mount and solder the chip. Requirements and experience needed to meet the needs of mass production.

Printing quality cannot be assessed using ordinary machines or the naked eye because of the small and numerous pads and the extremely high printing requirements. High-precision testing equipment is capable of effectively resolving this issue.


The Role of Packaging

After encapsulation and protection, the LED transparent screen's overall performance can be greatly enhanced, such as:

-Make LED Crystal Film Screen beads more effective as a protective device: To stop the lamp beads from falling off, the optical material completely covers the LED lamp beads and the welding location;

-Enhance the effect of the display: Between the protective panel or glass and the LED lamp beads, there is no air layer, which can reduce light loss, increase brightness, and save power;

-Make circuit boards and metal lines more secure: The optical material completely covers the metal wires and circuit boards to stop short circuits caused by oxidation and damage to the wires;

-Work on the presentation of residue-resistant, waterproof, damp-resistant, and hostile to impact: Enhance the LED Crystal Film Screen general adaptability and dependability and extend its service life.

After encapsulation protection, the LED Crystal Film Screen also possesses the following characteristics:

-The LED Crystal Film Screen is light and thin, with a thickness of 1.5-3 mm after packaging and protection, and its weight per unit area is less than or equal to 2 kg/m2;

-High light conveyance, adaptable optical bundling materials won't change the light conveyance of the first Driven delicate film screen;

-Cuttable, flexible, and suitable for curved structures and displays;

-Dead lights can be replaced precisely without tearing up the entire screen, making installation, upkeep, and replacement simple;

-Good weather resistance, products can withstand high and low temperatures, UV protection, and outdoor products can withstand salt spray and water drenching.

When compared to digging and fitting, the total cost is lower.


LED crystal film screen


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