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LED Transparent Screen
LED Transparent Screen
LED Transparent Screen
LED Transparent Screen
LED Transparent Screen
LED Transparent Screen
LED Transparent Screen
LED Transparent Screen
LED Transparent Screen
LED Transparent Screen

LED Transparent Screen

Break the concept of conventional display thick and heavy box, hollow box, high permeability, better heat dissipation, quick installation, easy maintenance; simple structure, light weight; widely used in a variety of occasions.

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Advantageous features

1, high permeability:

high light transmission rate: up to 65% ~ 90%, the thickness of each LED strip is just 2mm, the light strip between the flat column to produce a gap to form a transparent effect.

2, simple structure:

light weight: the use of hollow strip design, can be combined with the specific size of the glass custom box of small and box color and glass curtain wall to reduce the weight-bearing pressure.

3, quick installation, easy maintenance:

no need to replace the entire module, maintenance is completed indoors, high efficiency, low cost.

4, good heat dissipation performance:

because of its high permeability, no noise, low power consumption and other good performance, without any auxiliary heat dissipation equipment, you can let the wind for its natural heat dissipation.

5、Convenient and quick maintenance:

indoor maintenance is convenient and safe, saving manpower and material resources.

6, save building lighting costs:

save a large part of the exterior wall lighting lamps, while the LED screen is more absorbent, both cost savings and advertising benefits.
7, energy saving and environmental protection: its own power consumption power is small, the average power consumption is less than 280W/㎡, more than 30% energy saving than conventional led display, reduce energy consumption, reduce light pollution.

8, simple operation, strong controllability:

both through the network cable and computer, graphics card, remote transceiver connection, but also through the remote cluster wireless control, replace the display content at any time.

9、Wide application occasions:

banks, shopping malls, theaters, commercial streets, chain stores, hotels, municipal public buildings, landmark buildings, office buildings, etc..






HT 3.91-7.82

Physical Point Spacing

3.91mm -7.82mm


32768 dot/m2


1000-1500(low )



Case specifications


Case weight



Aluminum case

Installation method

Lifting and fixing installation of lifting beam

Usage Environment


Case color

Black, silver and white

Standard Accessories

16 modules, 1 box


LED Transparent ScreenLED Transparent ScreenLED Transparent ScreenLED Transparent Screen


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