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led display screen outdoor


Guangdong Skymcu Electronics Group was founded in 2008 and is dedicated to producing and inventing the best-LED display screen outdoors. With many inventions and patents created, Skymcu primarily focuses on energy-saving and environmentally friendly outdoor and indoor display screens. Skymcu pays attention to product development, production, installation, and construction. Let’s look at Skymcu’s LED display screen outdoor product lineup.


LED Display Screen Outdoor Floor Tile Screen

Floor tile screens are revolutionizing by providing interactive floors on tunnels and walk paths. These floor tile screens are strong and durable to endure a human’s weight. They are energy-saving and resistant to scratches, scuffs, and collisions.


led display screen outdoor


Moreover, they also sense where the person is standing on the screen through a sensor chip which then transmits the data to the main console. The latter then updates the output on the screen according to the information received which helps the screen to interact with the person. These screens are easily repairable, like all screens by Skymcu, as one screen can be removed and exchanged without removing the neighboring screens.


led display screen outdoor


Thin Film LED Display Screen Outdoor Crystal Screen

This LED display screen outdoors is super thin and lightweight. With adhesive on its back, it seamlessly attaches to any surface.  


led display screen outdoor


The thin film crystal display is used chiefly for screens on the walls of glass buildings. Because of this, Skymcu has made the thin screen super durable to ensure that it lasts quite some time. These screens come in many sizes and are cuttable as Skymcu ensures you achieve the perfect sized screen you want.


LED Display Screen Outdoor Grille Screen


led display screen outdoor


In Skymcu’s LED display screen outdoor lineup comes a unique type of screen, the LED Grille screen, which consists of light bars that resemble a grill. With IP65 and IP67 waterproofing, they are suitable for outdoor use and can endure rainfall and places with high humidity. While these grille screens can be used indoors, they are primarily used outdoors for glass curtain walls, billboards, top buildings, and other areas.


LED Display Screen Outdoor Transparent Screen

Being transparent screens, these LED display screens outdoors by Skymcu are best suited for glass buildings. They vary from other LEDs by having a see-through mesh illuminate the picture. Even then, the transparent screen is fully visible and full-colored and does not obstruct the view of the inside of the building.  


led display screen outdoor


The structure of this transparent screen resembles that of the grille screen, but the gaps between the light bars are super thin. Apart from easy installation, they dissipate heat better than other LEDs in the market and are extremely lightweight and modular.  



So, if you are in the market for the best-LED display screens outdoors, do not forget to check out Guangdong Skymcu Electronics Group. All of our screens are designed and produced in a manner that makes them durable for outdoor use while being extremely lightweight. Moreover, all LED screens are efficient and energy-saving. After all, Skymcu is a one-stop solution for all things related to LED display screens outdoors. For more details regarding our products and outlets, don’t hesitate to contact us for any information.

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