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Are you familiar with floor LED screen? The popularity of floor LED displays is increasing, thanks to the vigorous technology in the development of theoretical performances in the entertainment industry. The intelligence from excellent audio-visual experience based on the display effect is mostly preferred in large science and technology museums, shopping malls, exhibition halls, scenic spots, and others.


floor led screen


Read through this article and it is of good assistance to understand all about the best floor LED display available for wholesale market.


What is a floor LED screen?


A floor LED screen is a personalized LED display that is specifically designed for floor displays, moreover, its technology is considered efficient for creating a dreamy light effect for stage performances giving the audience a more comfortable viewing ability.


floor led screen


Reviews on the best floor LED screen


The floor LED are categorized into three main categories; small spacing (H series), transparent LED (HT light), and leased LED (HZ series).


1. Small spacing (H series)


Product dimensions:             400mmm x 400mm x 80mm

Product weight:                    4.2kg

Product material texture:     aluminum

Product use environment:   indoor and outdoor  


It consists of four series, which are H1.25, H1.923, H1.875, and H1.667 respectively. It is designed with a 3D display and a dimension of 400mmx400mmx80mm, and a weight of 4.2kg. Moreover, it has an aluminum texture of material, and it is considered for both indoor and outdoor environmental purposes.


floor led screen


2. Transparent LED (HT series)


Product material:                     customizable

Product size:                            customizable

Product color:                          customizable

Product installation mode:      fast fixed installation

Scope of use:                           indoors and outdoors


Transparent LED floor screen is the second category that consists of four main series, which are; HT7.8, HT5.2, HT3.91, and HT10 products. It is specifically designed with a 3D display, customizable texture material, and color. The size can also be modified according to your preferred dimensions. The installation of this product is fixed and fast. Further, it can be considered for both outdoor and indoor purposes.


3. Lease LED (HZ series)


Product size:                 customizable

Product material:          customizable

Product installation:     fast and fixed

Product uses:                indoors and outdoors


Lease LED is the third category of LED floor screens available at our company. It consists of three main series, that is; HZ2.97, HZ3.91, and HZ4.81 respectively. The product is preferred due to its 3D display and design that is specifically customized according to the customer's size or dimensions, weight, and color. We give our clients a chance to order a customized HZ series product. The installation of this product is easy, fast, and fixed, therefore it can be used for both indoor and outdoor environments. It also helps to increase profits, and traffic by enhancing a clear visual experience.


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