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A Glass LED Display is a transparent LED display. It utilizes patented proprietary IC center technology (inserted driver IC), and the basic design is laminated glass or empty elastic, which makes the chip and traditional glass integrated. This plan not just retains the transparency of the glass and doesn't obstruct the light, yet additionally displays video, pictures, text, and different archives. Glass LED Display is an arising item in the market, which is characterized by eliminating the industrial feel of traditional display, solid feeling of technology, and high transparency.


glass led display


Reason for Glass LED Display popularity

It tends to be seen that an ever-increasing number of manufacturers are focused on the research and advancement of transparent Glass LED Display items. So what are the advantages that attract such countless manufacturers to create, and for what reason are such countless clients excited about it? I think it's not because this kind of gear is cool and dazzling. , Extremely lovely, more because the transparent display gadget is thin, easy to carry, can also uphold 3D display technology, and has low energy utilization, which is helpful for environmental assurance and energy saving.


Advantages of Glass LED Display

The area of the Glass LED Display is flexible. Compared to the LCD, the LED display screen can be expanded arbitrarily, and seamless joining of it tends to be realized. However, the LCD display is excessively large to realize seamless joining.


glass led display


LCD plasma screen radiant motion attenuation speed is extremely fast, the general operation of it is about a year and a half-time. Then at this point, it should be replaced. Be that as it may, the Glass LED Display under the same condition can work for at least five years.


The LED screen machine can utilize interactive technology to enhance the interaction between the advertising media and the audience, for example, the tweaked touch screen, the implementation of cloud technology and control management, and so on.


As far as Glass LED Display impact, the advertising-led display screen has high splendor. It has a more extensive review angle and preferred variety restoration capability over LCD display. LED screen machine is generally utilized in airports, shopping malls, lodgings, fast rail, subway, cinema, display, places of business, and so on. The target clients have major areas of strength for ability and great advertising value.


glass led display


Glass LED Display Functions

Commercial LED screens have the elements of commercial exposure and attracting clients.

Commercial LED screens play a job as store decoration, which works on the grade of big business.

LED screens can play the job of lighting, which is a new and different way.

Commercial LED screens can popularize knowledge. (Broadcasting little information about big business items and relevant industry knowledge can be utilized)

The commercial LED screens can be regarded as a release board. (Delivering advancement and enlistment information can be utilized)

LED screens can elevate the atmosphere. Through the display screen, it can show a few inviting words and various festival celebrations.

The LED screens can also play a warning job, which is much of the time utilized in road traffic LED navigation directions.


glass led display


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