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Another type of display innovation is the Transparent LED Film Screen. Undetectable PCB or Lattice innovation accompanies up to 95% transparency and at the same time offers full display properties. TLED The film turns an ordinary glass facade, a shop window, into a one-of-a-kind video show.


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Paste on the glass without frames or different gaps. Clear review area up to a width of 2000 mm. You can unreservedly cut, and overlap into LED film in various shapes and in enormous areas without seeing the frames behind the video content.


Features of Transparent Film Screen:

Adhesive LED Film Show.

Super slight and super light: the thickness is around 3 mm, and the weight is 2~4 kg/square meter.

High porousness: The construction is exceptionally straightforward, and the penetrability is basically as high as 85% or more.

Simple to introduce: stick the screen gently, and afterward associate the sign and power.

Wide review point: 140° even and vertical survey points, wide survey range, no variety cast.

Cost saving: no steel structure is required, and the presence of the structure can be changed, really saving transportation and establishment costs.


film screen


Transparent LED Film Screen Development Trends

With the ascent in market demand, Transparent LED Film Screen items and innovations are constantly being streamlined, and interactive innovation is also appearing, giving clients a really appealing encounter. The transparent LED screen has gradually dominated the market, possessing an important situation in the field of glass wall application, with the persistent decrease of pixels, further developing transparency and stability.


At the point when the Transparent LED Screen turns out to be more finished in 2021, the LED Paste (Film) screen, glass LED screen, and so on will be outstanding masterpieces. The utilization of cylindrical applications, triangles, waves, and new transparent screen advertisers will be unmistakable. The creation and application of transparent screen items have laid the basis for the outstanding advancement of future display innovation.


film screen


LED Transparent Film Screen Installation:

Detach the outward shape of the Film Screen module, stick the screen on the glass thusly, and afterward associate the power supply and sign for troubleshooting. Moreover, through the variation, there can be fixed establishment, lifting, attractive establishment, and so forth.


The Transparent LED Film Screen shows the film is self-cement, so it very well may be effectively connected to the current railing glass or window surface with no convoluted extra steel structure.


This makes the establishment incredibly helpful, doesn't need convoluted development, saves work costs, and the wiring of force and signals is additionally extremely simple and can be covered up normally.


This is an incredible development for glass. It adds a rich visual encounter without redesigning the glass space energetically.


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