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LED Taiwan 2016, the most influential LED manufacturing exhibition in Taiwan, co-sponsored by SEMI (International Semiconductor Industry Association) and Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Association, will be held in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall from April 13 to 16. The current LED Taiwan continues to grasp the key issues of the industry. In addition to five major thematic areas, it plans to hold a four-day exhibition in conjunction with several international professional forums, TechSTAGE and academic achievements. It will also be held in the same period as the 2016 Taiwanese International Lighting Science and Technology Exhibition (TiLS), with a total of 238 manufacturers exhibiting a total of 7. The 48 booths fully demonstrate the R&D strength of the complete LED supply chain and are expected to attract more than 16,000 professionals from home and abroad.



According to Strategies Unlimited, the global LED packaging market generated $15.6 billion in revenue in 2014 and is expected to grow to $22 billion in 2019, with lighting applications accounting for 45% of total revenue. However, as the price of white LEDs continues to decline, new special applications become the key to market profits. LED niche market applications, including infrared (IR LED), ultraviolet (UV LED) are promising. Automotive LED is another blue sea market, and will drive the demand for high power chips.


Five thematic zones, presenting the most complete LED industry chain in an all-round way


In order to continuously meet the market demand for LED in the Internet of Things generation, besides continuing the 'high brightness LED' and 'sapphire' zones, there are five new zones in this session, including 'LED components', 'power component manufacturing' and 'intelligent lighting technology'.


Especially invite key manufacturers from LED equipment, materials, components and packaging processes, including Harbin Oride, CREE, Guangyun, Global Wafer, Dazu Laser, Lunda, Metal Center Sapphire Processing Alliance, Founder, Rubicon, Weiming, to exhibit together to assist visitors at home and abroad to see the most complete LED industry shelf. Construction and process technology.


Focus on five major areas, show the achievements of innovative technology research and development!


This year's TechSTAGE Innovation Technology Symposium in LED Taiwan showcases Taiwan's R&D strength and injects more into the LED industry from the fields of 'key equipment materials', 'power component technology', 'sapphire processing technology', 'advanced manufacturing technology', 'vehicle and intelligent lighting' and so on. Creativity and energy.


New Material Power Components Start up in the Future Infinitely Possible


With the rising awareness of global energy conservation and the continuous pursuit of better profits and opportunities in the market, more and more manufacturers are now competing for R&D and production of power components. In this year's exhibition, LED Taiwan focuses on the hot topics of power components. In addition to setting up a special area, and further in the form of a forum, the industry is invited to discuss and understand the trend and development of this technology.


LED Taiwan International Forum to Discuss Key Topics of Hot Industry


With the market maturing, enterprises are actively developing new applications to find new blue sea. In addition to the application of visible LED such as backlight display, mobile phones, lighting, automotive, etc., the technology of invisible LED also attracts more and more manufacturers to invest in R&D and production. Faced with diversified and highly customized needs, how to explore new business opportunities, further enhance competitiveness and create more is the key to succeed. The 'LED Summit Forum' takes innovation, opportunities, challenges and market strategies of LED lighting and non-lighting applications as its orientation, and deeply analyses the future market development trend. The 'IR + UV Technology Forum' focuses on the application and development of infrared and ultraviolet LED in wearable devices, medical devices, measuring devices, etc. to help participants quickly look ahead to the latest global trends.


Condense the resources of public associations to push Taiwan's LED industry strength to the international level


LED Taiwan will invite representatives of transnational buyers and index manufacturers to visit the four major public associations, namely, SEMI, the Association for Foreign Trade Development of the Republic of China, the Taiwanese Association of Lighting and Lamp Exporting Industries and the Taiwan Association of Photoelectric Semiconductor Industries. More accurately meet the needs of different buyers at home and abroad. In addition to expanding business opportunities through commercial matchmaking, the organizers also arrange VIP VIP luncheon, Sapphire Friendship Dinner and Industrial Friendship Dinner to promote exchanges between Taiwanese factories and elites of international domestic and academic circles and expand contacts and business opportunities.


Cao Shilun, president of SEMI Taiwan, said, 'SEMI has a complete network and resources in the field of LED manufacturing. Through cooperation with Taiwanese Lighting Export Industry Association and the Foreign Trade Development Association of the Republic of China, it also hosts LED Taiwan and International Lighting Exhibition at the same time. Besides presenting Taiwan's most complete LED industry ecosystem, it attracts more attention. Many foreign buyers are also looking forward to holding international forums, publishing innovative technologies and academic achievements, pooling resources of industry and academia, creating more potential business opportunities for the LED industry, and showing Taiwan's excellent R&D strength to the whole world.


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